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What is Sports Injury Therapy?

Whether you’re a top performing pro, a weekend warrior or an occasional runner, Bridgegate Sports Injury Therapy can help you.


Our team have worked with elite athletes and sports teams from a range of different sports such as pro golfers, motor racing drivers, international level athletes and footballers. Helping them to recover from injury and return to peak performance at the very highest level.  We also provided our services to a number of local sport and health clubs keeping the city’s athletes injury free and able to achieve their goals.


We particularly enjoy working at different sporting events in the city such as the Chester Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k, Deva Triathlon, Rowing Regatta and Cycling Sportives.


If you’re an active person who participates in sport, then Sports Injury Therapy can be both curative, performance enhancing and preventative.


Stress on muscles, joints and bones as a result of playing sport is really common and can either be due to an acute traumatic injury or repetitive overloading strain. Common sports injures include; tendinopathy such as tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis, boney injures like shin splits, or traumatic meniscal and ligament injuries.


We will safely guide through your recovery: from the first tentative steps after injury to the final stage required for your return to sport. With expert assessment of your injury we can provide an accurate diagnosis of your injury and advice on injury management, rehabilitation exercise prescription and hands-on treatment to enhance and accelerate improvements in your symptoms.

Services Include

  • Bespoke rehabilitation exercise prescription

  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage

  • Sports Rehab Technology;

  • Biomechanical Slow Motion Video Assessment
    (running and gait analysis, golf swing, rowing action etc.)

  • Dyanomometry to assess individual muscle strength and capacity.

  • MyJump2 to assess jumping, plyometric capabilities.

  • Rehab Gym kitted out with the latest rehabilitation equipment to enable you to recover from your injury and optimise performance.

  • Coming Soon - Footscan plantar pressure measurement system.

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